Development partner for responsible corporate development in an international context


In the following areas, I develop individual topic-specific sparring, coaching, training, workshops or medium-term programmes. All activities are tailored to your challenges in an international context.


The aim of coaching is personal development in professional or private matters. As a result- and solution-oriented form of counselling, coaching is a counselling process tailored to individual needs. I have been working as a coach for managers since 2004, primarily in an international context.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a special type of coaching. In my work with clients, I apply the concept of triadic career coaching. The approach not only focuses on matching the qualifications of a person for a specific job, but also looks at the question of whether the job will be fulfilling. In addition, it is important that the client feels comfortable with the job and even has a deep sense of knowing that the job is right for him/her. The questions asked are:  Do I live and work according to my values? Do I have the same values as the company I am applying to? Does this job fit to my current way of living? By using a variety of tools, I am helping you to find answers to these and other questions related to your future job.

Team development

The term refers to the process that a group or team goes through in order to develop and optimise processes and structures within the team. This is not a short-term, but rather a longer-term and, above all, long-lasting development. Imagine your team as a molecule! A network of people that can expand, change and also disintegrate. Ideally, something great new is created; in the worst case, only individual atoms remain. As a professional with many years of experience, I will work with you to create a molecule that will not lose its stability even under difficult conditions.

References Team Development

  • Airbus
  • BMW
  • German Red Cross
  • Hensoldt
  • MunichRe
  • Worldbank

International Management

How do we deal with different cultures, values, expectations, languages, etc. in the work environment? How can we use individual intercultural strengths and define a common team culture? How do we lead a team in which different cultures and value systems meet?

Exemplary sparring sessions, coaching, training, or workshops:

  • Intercultural team development
  • Leading in an international context
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Negotiating in other cultures
  • Coaching & Career Coaching

Since all my clients face individual business challenges, I always develop an individual solution based on a sound preliminary discussion. It is important for me to really understand what your problem is and what a workable solution might look like for you.

International Expansion

What do I have to consider if I want to move my business abroad or open a new location? What bureaucratic hurdles or special features does set up a business abroad entail? What should I know about cultural customs when setting up my sales and distribution channels abroad?

Sample sparring sessions, coaching, training, or workshops:

  • International start-up coaching, focus on France, Germany, Vietnam, Indonesia, West Africa, South Africa)
  • Sales and distribution in an international context
  • Expansion abroad

Since all my clients face individual entrepreneurial challenges, I always develop an individual concept based on a well-founded preliminary discussion. It is important for me to really understand what your problem is and what a practicable solution could look like for you.

You want to broaden your perspective, get to know my point of view, and experience me live? Learn more about my workshop “Stumbling blocks, challenges & solutions in the international business context”.


My name is Thomas Ganslmayr, entrepreneur and intercultural partner. I support companies at eye level with challenges in an intercultural context.

As a citizen of the world, I have always been fascinated by foreign cultures. After many private and professional stations abroad and the founding of a small international family business with my French wife, I know that I am driven by the need to help other people change their perspective and thus develop further.

I really enjoy being a creative partner in finding workable solutions to challenges in an intercultural business context. To this end, I offer tailor-made sparring, coaching, training, and workshops. My two main areas of expertise are “intercultural management” and “international expansion”. My tools are: empathy, pragmatism, my “nothing is impossible” mentality and my own experience as an entrepreneur.
For me, the focus is on people, and for me, being an entrepreneur means bearing responsibility and acting with sincerity. This is also important to me in the partnership with my clients.

Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (Resident), Estonia, France, Germany (Resident), Latvia, Lithuania, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine

India, Pakistan, Vietnam (Resident)

Algeria, Egypt, Mozambique, Malawi, Senegal, South Africa

I have gained my international work experience in over 25 years in both the private and public sectors, including the United Nations.

I have a degree in geography from the Free University of Berlin and the German Development Institute. I have developed my skills as a coach and management trainer in numerous further training courses.

I can deliver sparring, coaching, training and workshops in German, English, French and Danish.


What my clients have in common is that they are internationally positioned, want to expand and face a wide variety of challenges in an intercultural context, e.g.

  • Team development in culturally mixed teams
  • Leadership in an international context
  • Foundation/expansion in new countries
  • International sales & distribution strategies

From my perspective as an entrepreneur, I pair my own experience with my expertise and methodological toolbox as a coach and consultant to find workable solutions together. Here is an excerpt of my clients:

  • Airbus (Team development, Workshops, Change Management)
  • Algerian environmental Ministry (Project management)
  • AUDI (International leadership development)
  • BayWa (Coaching)
  • BMW (Team development)
  • Celesio (Workshops)
  • Daiichi Sankyo (International leadership development)
  • Das Labor (Teambuilding. strategy, coaching)
  • Denkmodell (Diverse trainings and workshops)
  • German Red Cross (Teambuilding, Change Management)
  • Duale Hochschule Stuttgart (Change Management)
  • Economic College Ventspils (Project management)
  • German Developemeneet Agency (GIZ) – (Various workshops)
  • HRS (Hotel Reservation Service) – (International sales trainings)
  • Import promotion desk (Intercultural sales training and coaching)
  • Indonesian Environmental Ministry (HR Managemeent)
  • MDF Training and Consultancy (Workshops, Leadership Trainings, Team Development)
  • Metro Cash & Carry (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Egypt , Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan, Serbia, Ukraine, Vietnam) – Sales und Leadershiptrainings
  • Omnicon (Intercultural Management)
  • ProClima (Intercultural Management)
  • Real kauf (Intercultural communication
  • Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Establishment of a training department)


Contact me to get to know me.
I live in France, but I am at home anywhere.
Of course, I can do sparring, coaching, workshops, or trainings online, hybrid or on-site at your place.

Thomas Ganslmayr
24 avenue des Mességuières
F – 84360 Lauris

Tel. +49 179 534 09 34

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